Shakked is 11 years old

Oil, 9x12, 2018

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oil, 9x12; 8/18

Enav is 3y old

oil, 9x12; 8/18

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Landscape: upper Patagonia 

Oil, 12x18, 2/2018

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Colorado in the Fall series

oil, 12x24; 1/2018

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Salmon Cascades; Olympic National Park, WA

Oil, 18x12, 1/18

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Lake Yellowstone, 10/17

oil, 12x24

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Venice, 8/17

oil, 12x18

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Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile; 10/17

oil, 14x14

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landscape outside Queenslad landscape, New zealand

Oil, 12x24, 2017

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Oil Paintings

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Sun set, Iceland, oil, 12x18, 2017

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The Greek Island of Symi

Oil, 12x18, 2017

Fall in Colorado

Oil, 12x16, 2015

Monument Valley, Utah

Oil, 15x30, 2016

Bull Run (I) Battle Ground in the Fall, Manassas Virginia

Oil, 12x24, 9/15

San Bartolome Island, Galapagos Islands, Equador

Oil, 12x18, 2015

Baptism on the Jordan River II; oil, 14x18, 2014

Bryce Canyon,Utah; oil, 20x24, 2014

Accama Pueblo, New Mexico; oil, 18x24, 2014

Landscape, west NM; oil, 18x24, 2014

SuSu, my tour Guide in Bagan, Burma

oil, 12x16, 2014

Siglufiordur, Iceland, oil, 15x30, 2014

"Watermelons" after Frida Kahlo; oil, 12x16, 2014

The Painted Church at Schulenberg, TX

Oil, 12x16, 7/2015


Oil, 9x12, 1/2015

Inca Reid Village on Lake Titicaca, Peru

Oil, 12X16, 6/2015

Sunset on Lake Titicaca, Peru

Oil, 12X18, 5/2015

Sunset at Stone Oak, San Antonio

Oil, 12X18, 11/2014

The Floating Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Oil, 12X18, 11/2014


Oil, 9x12, 2015


Oil, 11X14, 2012

Self Portrait

Oil, 8X10, 2011


Oil, 8X10, 2013


Oil, 11X14, 2013

Pedro, Mexico City Town Square

Oil, 12X16, 2013

Heather & Sarah-Eve

Oil, 12X12, 2013


Oil, 9X12, 2014

Old Granery, Fes, Morocco

Oil, 11X14, 2010

Hannah, my sister

Oil, 11X14, 2014

Fall in upstate NY, oil, 12x16, 2014

Shells; Oil, 11X14, 2011

Fall in DC

Oil, 11X14, 2010

Still Life

Oil, 11X14, 2013

Still Life

Oil, 11X14, 2013

Still Life

Oil, 11X14, 2013

The Tannery in Fes, Morocco

Oil, 16X20, 2011

A Cottage in Upstate NY

Oil, 11X14, 2012

Panamaria Church, TX

Oil, 11x14, 2014

Panamaria Church, TX

Oil, 12x16, 2014

Landscape: Arizona, oil, 11x14, 2010

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Barrel Cacti; oil, 11x14, 2011

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Bamboo Thicket; oil, 11x14, 210

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West Texas; oil, 16x20, 2011

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Baptism on the Jordan River I; oil, 11x14, 2010

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